Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Cooper-do Is Two!!!

My precious Cooper-do is the big 2 today! (Cooper-do is what his cousin Avonleigh starting calling Cooper one day and it has kinda stuck as a nickname) I know every mom says it, but he is growing up so fast! He has been looking forward to his birthday for a month now. He has talked about blowing out candles just about everyday. This weekend while we were visiting my family in L.A, we had a little birthday celebration for him at my sister Rebecca's place. Cooper just loved it and loved all of the attention.

Blowing out his candle

Singing Happy Birthday

The cake with dinosaurs on top (not the best pic)

The kiddos getting ready to break the tiger striped dinosaur pinata

Coop collecting his loot. This was his first pinata experience and he did great!

Scott is coming to town on Thursday to celebrate with Cooper and to go to the Utah vs. OSU game (GO BEAVS!) and we can't wait. More pictures from that celebration will be posted later.


Sarah Z said...

holy cow...that piniata is HUGE!

Stephanie said...

Wow! I can't believe your son is two! Crazy! I remember when you called and told me you were pregnant. It seriously doesn't seem like it's been that long. Looks like you guys had a fun celebration. So adorable!

Molly said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Cooper! I wanted to call you guys but my phone was dead all day...boo! He's adorable, and we're excited to play this weekend!

Stephanie said...

Go Cooper - Go Cooper - Go, Go, Go Cooper!

What a fun celebration! The kids talked about him all day yesterday ("I wonder what Cooper is doing right now for his birthday," etc.) Is the fam party this Saturday? I told the kids we could call then.