Monday, October 13, 2008

SiCk KiDdIeS!

Let me just start by saying, I love Fall and the cooler weather that it brings. Unfortunately with cooler weather comes lots of sickness for the boys. Right now both Cooper and Corbin have pneumonia. About two weeks ago when we were leaving for our road trip to Cali, Cooper woke up with a pretty high fever. Well the fevers continued until we got back to Utah. The day after we got back, I took both boys in to a local urgent care to be seen. The doc said they both had ear infections (no surprise there. Cooper has had more than we can count and Corbin has had 5 in his short 6 months of life) and sent us away with some antibiotics. Well a week went by and Coop got another fever, so Scott took him into his work to be checked out (Cooper is spending two weeks with Scott back in Oregon). He called me and told me that Coop had pneumonia. I could not believe it! Scott had been saying since he got sick that he thought Coop had pneumonia. I thought he was just teasing, but unfortunately he wasn't, and he was right (what a time to be right, huh?!). I decided to take Corbin back to the urgent care the next day because he was pulling at his ear frequently. The doc checked out his ear and they also did a chest x-ray and determined that he has pneumonia also. Crazy!

Now I know it's not my fault. However, when I took them in the first time and their ear infections were discovered, the doc wrote a prescription for an antibiotic that I know Cooper is resistant to and chances are Corbin is as well. Rather than telling her to give me something else, I decided to "try it again to see if it would work". Bad decision! It didn't and that is probably what led to the pneumonia. Where's my Mother of the Year award?!

Cooper at his birthday celebration here in Utah. Poor kid is sick here, but you can never tell by looking at him.

My pneumonia-stricken Corbin. Ok, I'll stop being drama. They are doing pretty well

P.S Does anyone else agree that I could not have two boys who look so different from each other? I promise they have the same father :-)


Sarah Z said...

That is such a cute pic of Chubber's! Happy 6 month birthday too! We for sure have to do pics this week.

Stephanie said...

Poor kids! No fun being sick for them or for you. Hope they feel better soon.

Peralta Family said...

No way! That's crazy Jess. Don't feel bad about the antibiotics. We've done the same thing. Live and learn. Being a parent sucks rock sometimes. Give my babies big kisses for me. love ya,