Monday, April 13, 2009

My Baby Is 1!!!

Today is Corbin's 1st Birthday. Time sure has flown. He is growing up so quickly. He wants so bad to do everything his big brother does, and for the most part he does-including climbing up on the furniture and jumping from the ottoman to the chair to the couch and so forth. He just loves Cooper and it is so much fun to watch them play together. I love my boys!

Here are just a few pictures from the little birthday celebration we held for him on Saturday. (Note: I don't blog enough so I don't know the correct way to upload pics so that they appear in the order I intend them to. So, they are out of order and if you want to view them in the correct order start from the bottom. I'll learn one day!)

Just a cute pic of him-more for my family's viewing pleasure since they never see him

Opening gifts with Coopers help

Corbin has giant hands. Here he is palming his piece of cake. It was not a small piece!
Singing Happy Birthday-yes, that is a store bought cake. My heightened sense of smell at the moment makes me not want to cook at all! Ahhh pregnancy!